Meet our Speakers & Moderators

Dr. Abdullah Mohieddin

University Professor & Lecturer

Elie Keldany

Founder of "Le Bon Lait" Cooperative

Gloria Abou Zeid

Director-General of Cooperatives at the Ministry of Agriculture

Paula Naoufal

Journalist / Session Moderator

Daniel Bonilla

CEO of Bozanova

Ana Margarida Esteves

Research Fellow

Sebastian Prost

PhD Student at Open Lab

Ali Issa

General Coordinator of the Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City (CEANYC).

Raina Kennedy

Board member & Peer Educator with the Cooperative Economics Alliance of New York City (CEANYC)

Dana Abed

Research and Policy Advisor / Session Moderator

Evelyne Younes

Founder of LEAN

Nasser Yassin

Professor, Researcher, and Policy Innovator in Lebanon

Afif Tabsh

Advisor at RPS MENA

Bachir Ayoub

Deputy Country Director – Programmes at Oxfam

Salam Said

Policy Adviser

Yara Nassar

Program Manager of the Women Economic Empowerment Program (WEE) at UN Women – Lebanon

Maya Maddah

Project Coordinator at Daleel Tadamon / Session Moderator