Meet our Speakers & Moderators

Nur Turkmani


Alain Daou

Associate professor of Entrepreneurship, OSB/ Director Nature Conservation Center, AUB

Nancy Ezzeddine

Research Fellow, Clingendael Institute

Ola Sidani

Program Coordinator at Lebanon Crisis Observatory, AUB

Dana Abed

Influencing Lead at Oxfam in Lebanon / Session Moderator

Dr. Ziad Elsahn

Senior Lecturer in International Business

Issam Raidan

Employee at National Fund of Social Security

Rosalie Berthier

Co-Founder and Financial Director, Synaps

Alaa Sayegh

Co-Founder at Daleel Tadamon, Growth and Innovation director at Ryzomes | Session Moderator

Maher Abou Chakra

Cofounder at Daleel Tadamon, Strategy and Structures Director at Ryzomes.

Hassan Shaaban Saleh

Founder of Roof and Roots

Dom Hunt

Beirut Programme Coordinator, Concern Worldwide

Clara Crivellaro

Not-Equal Director

Lama Ghandour

Social Activist / Moderator

Christian Kamel

Fair Trade Lebanon Project Director

Asmahan Zein

Advisor to the Board of Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB)

Karen Takkoush

Founder of KOKO Bag

Dana Abou Shacra

Heads of Programs at Park Innovation / Session Moderator

Jihan Zahawi

Recycling Upcycling Designer

Marwa Abou Dayya

Partner and Consultant at Beyond Group