Artist and Organizer

Hashem Adnan

Hashem Adnan is a searching body and soul. He came to this planet in1984, landed in Lebanon and loved the 80ies despite all its traumas. 

Hashem is a director, playwright, actor and organizer based in Beirut. He acquired his BA in acting and directing from the Lebanese University in 2006. He played the mad man in his graduation collective project and this mad man lives inside him ever since.

He is particularly interested in the political behind every breath, bite, text and event. He practices performance as a space of re-creation of reality and is interested in art practices that operate outside of the neoliberal realm and at their potential collective, cooperative and individual structures and methods.

All Sessions by Hashem Adnan

Day 2

Dec 02,2021 // 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Session 1
Restructuring and reorganizing existing syndicates towards more democratic syndicates