Head of Media, Research department at the Lebanese Observatory for Workers and Employees’ Rights / Session Moderator

Asaad Sammour

He is the head of research and studies department and media unit manager with the Lebanese Observatory for Workers and Employees’ Rights-LOWER. In 2014, he established the legal support unit at LOWER, and provided hundreds of free and safe accesses to legal advice and assistance for workers and employees facing violations at the workplace. In 2019, he was among few media activists who co-founded the alternative journalists’ union (Nakaba Badila). Currently, he is the acting secretary of the board. Assaad holds a DHS IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND DIPLOMACY from the LEBANESE UNIVERSITY, FACULTY OF LAW AND POLITICAL & ADMINISTRATIVE SCIENCES

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Day 1

Dec 01,2021 // 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Session 1
Current situation of syndicates: reality and challenges