Journalist Covering technological issues & Digital Bias

Hala Nasrallah

I am a journalist and developer. A self-taught coder. Later on, I got a scholarship from Consensys Academy, which is the first academy that specialized in programming according to the Ether network protocol.

I strongly support Bitcoin as a global standard that should be adopted as a digital financial asset alternative to gold for international reserves as well as the need to be adopted as (1st money layer) which means to treat bitcoin as a financial medium on the earth.

Previously I worked as a journalist for MIT Technology Review Arabic, and I published technological papers on the Al Jazeera website.

I prefer freelancing over a career, and I tend to be an anarchist in the digital world.

Currently, I am completing my master’s thesis in the field of “Cyborg Anthropology” and the future of human life in the midst of the digital age.

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