Founder of LEAN

Evelyne Younes

Founder of LEAN-Lebanese Expats Action Network, a group of social activists from UAE, US, and Lebanon; LEAN supports local semi-private schools, organizations and validated cases with in-Kind donations: Food, Medicines, clothes. Founder of Lay-Mouneh, Launched in Feb 2021, a marketplace for Lebanese Food, Arts and Crafts supporting small businesses and advocating going back to roots and creating a self-sufficient sustainable economy.

A mother of two, on top of my 9 to 5 job in the corporate World as a Supply Chain manager in a multinational company, I enjoy the blend between professional/business/family/personal life/social work. Since my first degree graduation, I have been volunteering in Lebanon in preparing and delivering youth programs in JAL –INJAZ. JAL mission is to educate and prepare Lebanon’s youth to become qualified, successful employees and entrepreneurs. 

I have been exposed to multicultural working environment, journeying into the modern work forces in many countries which changed my perspective that “our college time” will never end, we are “lifelong learners”.

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