Specialist in Monetary Economics, Financial Policies & Economic Crises in Dollarized Countries

Dr. Layal Mansour

Dr. Layal Mansour is a specialist in monetary economics, financial policies, and economic crises in dollarized countries, from Lyon 2 University, France.

She conducted her postdoctoral research on forecasting future financial crises, at the American University of Beirut (AUB).

Layal Mansour is a lecturer in economics at the Lebanese American University (LAU), and has been a visiting professor at George Washington University in the United States since 2016.

Her research includes forecasts of monetary and geopolitical crises, and they are presented at international conferences.

She is now doing economic studies for the UAE government through a research and studies center in Abu Dhabi.

She also played the role of an economic researcher/adviser to international organizations.

Dr. Mansour proposed a law to adopt the “Currency Board” system in Lebanon, adopted by Representative Paula Yacoubian (National Alliance) and registered in the Lebanese Parliament’s office under No. 697/2020.

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