Fair Trade Lebanon Project Director

Christian Kamel

Christian has over 20 years of leadership in project management, project evaluation and private and public sector economic development initiatives. Christian has field experience in private and public sector development in MENA countries. He performed numerous strategic, market, financial and technical feasibility studies as well as business strategy mandates for a range of local and international organizations.  

As Director of projects for Fair Trade Lebanon, Christian leads a team of 30 people and is overseeing the implementation of several projects in the fields of livelihood, sustainable development, vulnerability reduction programs, and an innovative community agricultural project which aims at ensuring food security and job creation for different regions in Lebanon.  

Christian is also the Director of the BIEEL initiative, which stands for Business Innovation and Enhancing Export for Lebanon. As such, he is actively building a network of 100 SMEs and cooperatives, divided up into several clusters within the agri/agrofood sector, with an aim to increase their export levels. Various trade facilitation activities are being put in place to enhance export levels for members of the clusters. Numerous events and collaborations have been carried through in different target markets (EU, USA, UK, GCC), and where important Lebanese diaspora communities can play an active an essential role in establishing long term business relationships between local Lebanese SMEs and these target markets.

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